Medical Device Coil Winding

Standard and custom wire coil winding over mandrel or deflection winding are available in a wide range of wire coiling styles and sizes. We can supply all standard and custom materials including flat and shaped wire for coiled products. Our custom designed equipment allows us to manufacture with tight pitch control on straight, tapered or multi-pitched coils in all wire forms. All wire coilings for medical components and assemblies are manufactured in a Class 100,000 clean room for pristine wire coils.

Cirtec has the ability to make medical device wire coils to the tightest tolerances required for the most stringent medical applications. Our tooling expertise allows us to consistently develop new methods to meet or exceed our customers’ tolerance requirements. We take extreme pride in our innovative abilities to create tooling and fixtures to support our proprietary wire coiling efforts. Wire coiling capabilities include:

  • Outside coil diameter ranges from .002″ – .200″
  • Inside coil diameters as small as .001″
  • Overall lengths to 80″
  • Tolerances to ±.0002″ on diameters
  • Micro coils built from as small as 0.0005” wire
  • Multiple Filars up to 12

Coil Winding Capabilities

  • Wire Coiling
  • Wire and Coil Grinding
  • Laser Welding
  • Laser Assembly
  • Soldering
  • Micro Components
  • Precious Metal Coils and Assemblies
  • Coatings
  • Assembly
  • Coil Termination

Wire Coil Applications

  • Pacing, Defibrillator, Neuro Coils
  • Unifilar and Multifilar Coils
  • Multilayer Coils
  • Pre-coated Coils
  • Micro Coils to .0005″ Wire
  • Guidewires and Catheters
  • Signal Transmission
  • Torque Transfer – Drive Cables
  • Ablation Leads – Electrodes
  • Aneurysm Treatments
  • PTCA

Addition Coiling Services

  • Plasma Welding
  • Resistance Welding
  • Overmolding of Coils
  • High Volume Production – Automated Lights Out – 24/7 Production
  • Coil Termination and Tipping Options

Wire Coiling Specifications

Manufacturing custom wire coils for medical devices such as: Neurostimulation, Cardiac Rhythm Management, Vascular Intervention and Minimally Invasive Surgery Markets. We provide:

  • Single to Multifilar Wire Coils
  • Closed Wound Wire Coils
  • Variable Pitch Wire Coils
  • Multiple Diameter Wire Coils
  • Offset Wire Coils
  • Tapered Wire Coils
  • Terminated Filar Wire Coils
  • Micro Wire Coils
  • Custom Wire Coils
  • Right- or Left-hand Wire Coils
  • Bi- and Tri-plex Wire Coils

Materials for Wire Coiling

We can supply all standard and custom materials including flat and shaped wire for coiled products.

  • Stainless Steel
  • DFT
  • Nitinol
  • Braided Wire
  • Platinum
  • Clad Wire
  • Titanium
  • Coated Wire (PTFE, ETFE and Hydrophilic)
  • Tantalum
  • Stranded Wire
  • Elgiloy
  • MP35N
  • Tungsten
  • Shaped Wires

Wire Coiling Terminology

Unifilar – A filar is one wire; therefore, a unifilar coil is wound with a single continuous wire.

Multifilar – Coils wound with more than one filar (wire) are called multifilar.

Left and Right Hand – Coils can be wound in either the left-hand or right-hand direction. The direction of wind may be important depending on the application.

Pitch – The distance from center to center of the wire in adjacent coils. It is common to measure the average pitch over ten coils.

Stiffness – The amount of flexibility in a coil. We can control the stiffness of the coil. To specify stiffness, indicate the distance “D” for a given height “H”.

Custom Medical Wire Coiling Techniques

Wire Coil Laser Welding and Soldering

We have the most advanced laser welding systems for wire coiling applications to produce weld spot sizes as small as .0007″ in diameter. Our capabilities include laser welding and soldering of precious materials and dissimilar materials including Nitinol and Elgiloy. These materials can easily be welded with excellent repeatability.

Wire Coil Tooling and Fixture Support

When combined with access to our world-class laser, precision turning, milling, EDM, chemical machining and robotic cleaning systems – our on-site custom tooling area provides the highest level of precision tooling required. This truly has a positive impact on product quality and final price to the customer.

Rapid Response for New Product Development

Cirtec has the ability to turn virtually any wire coil design into reality. We understand the importance of obtaining high quality, functional components to our customers’ development teams FAST. We have strategic partnerships with the most technologically advanced material suppliers in the world and stay abreast of all new materials. The resut? Solving complicated material challenges for the most demanding projects. Let us help you make your design a reality and show you the proven energy and commitment that is offered by our New Product Development Team.

Proprietary Wire Coiling Equipment

Cirtec has invested in building the most technologically advanced wire coiling machines in the world for custom, medical wire coiling. We have multi-axis controls with custom tensioning systems for complete manufacturing control. Combined with our experienced wire coiling engineers and technicians, Cirtec is the right choice for your next coil project.

Wire Coil Finishing

We have the ability to provide a variety of precision end cuts and finishing methods to meet your medical wire coil design requirements. With our on-site availability of EDM, laser and micro grinding technologies, we have the capability to hold consistently accurate end cut profiles and tolerances. Multiple, state-of-the-art capabilities are available to assure your secondary finishing and machining is accomplished accurately and efficiently.

Engineering and Support Staff

The engineering teams at Cirtec have been serving the medical device community for many years. From development to complete project management, our engineering teams will offer guidance and support during the entire breadth of your product development.