Laser Welding

Laser welding provides accurate, repeatable and reliable joining for medical devices and assemblies. At Cirtec, components are laser welded using a fixtured and automated system. Spot sizes as small as .0007″ diameter can be achieved with our advanced, automated circumferential weld.

Laser welding provides precision joining of coil wires and joining of metal components for finished assemblies and is a proven method for joining a wide variety of metals and metal alloys. Benefits include:

  • Repeatable, high-speed and precise
  • Ideal for high production volumes
  • Minimum part distortion due to small heat affected zones
  • Weldability near heat-sensitive components and hard-to-reach areas
  • Consistent depth and width control
  • Cost advantage
  • Effective in dissimilar metal joining applications

Key Advantages of Laser Welding

Low Heat Input – Due to the precision of the welding laser, weld energy is delivered with exceptional control and only where it’s needed. Total heat input is so low that laser welding next to thermally sensitive components such as glass-to-metal seals, electronic circuitry, O-rings and plastic components is not only possible, but a common practice.

Clean Welds – In addition to the aesthetic benefits, clean laser welds yield significant safety and usability benefits. Clean welds allow for products that are easier to sterilize or fit into other assemblies without weld seam interference.

Strong Welds – Lasers provide high strength with a minimum number of welds, yielding time savings and increased reliability.

Hermetic Welds – Unlike soldering or brazing, lasers can provide flawless hermetic welds essential to many medical applications. Learn more about Cirtec’s industry leading hermetic welding experience.

Excellent Repeatability – The laser’s output is incredibly stable, and with no electrodes to wear, bend or vaporize (and contaminate the weld nugget), weld repeatability is unmatched.

Easy Welding of Conductors – Materials such as Platinum, Gold, Copper alloys, Stainless Steel, Nitinol, Titanium, MP35N, Elgiloy and dissimilar metals can easily be welded with excellent results and repeatability.

Clean Process – Unlike soldering or brazing, lasers don’t need fluxes or solvents, keeping the work environment cleaner and safer.