ACCELerate your innovation

SIMPLIFI® Neuromodulation Solutions Platform

Introducing ACCEL+ and ACCEL,  two surefire platforms for turning neuromodulation concepts into clinical and commercial realities. ACCELerate your time to market and reduce product development costs. SIMPLIFI is a  Neuromodulation R&D platform that provides a sure-footed path to an accelerated product launch. We will manufacture and configure according to your needs and will guide you along the way.

  • Ready-made and customizable component options designed to:
    • Advance research
    • Accelerate time to market
    • Support commercialization

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  • Configurable up to 24 channels
  • 24 independent current sources
  • Supports high fidelity tonic, burst, ultra-long PW, high frequency
  • Optimized power management
  • Powerful IPG therapy delivery
  • Fractionalized current output
  • Wireless programming
  • Proprietary stimulation & power processors
  • Embedded capabilities including multi-waveform generator
  • Broad spectrum of outputs and parametric ranges
  • Bi-directional recharge
  • Versatile lead portfolio – percutaneous and paddle
  • Right of reference to PMA and DHFs
  • Manufactured and configured to your specifications

Introducing Virtis

Our Virtis system, part of the Accel + Platform, is the result of extensive research and development and brings a new era of possibilities in treating various conditions related to sacral nerve stimulation. Virtis is currently indicated for the treatment of urinary retention and the symptoms of overactive bladder in patients who have failed or could not tolerate more conservative treatments.

Virtis is also available as a standalone lead, providing you the flexibility to integrate and personalize it for alternative therapies or innovative applications. Whether you are in academia, research, or product development and are exploring new treatments or expanding existing indications, Virtis empowers you to optimize patient care and improve outcomes.

To learn more about the Accel+ platform or to discuss how Virtis can be customized to meet your specific needs please fill out the contact form below and we will have one of our business development leaders return your inquiry.

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  • Configurable up to 32 channels
  • 32 independent current sources
  • Supports tonic, burst, and high frequency pulse sequences
  • Versatile platform that is comprehensive and customizable
  • Adaptable for a variety of therapy applications
  • Ability to select the components that best meet your needs, or integrate your own
  • Manufactured and configured to your specifications

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Customizable Components

With our Platform Peripherals, Components and Leads, your precise solution is simple.

  • Enclosures
  • Headers
  • Feedthroughs
  • Electrodes
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • ASICs
  • Leads
  • Peripherals/ Accessories
  • Extensions
  • Anchors
  • Surgical Tools


Whether your goal is to bring novel therapy to market or rapidly move to a next-generation
design suitable for high manufacturing, Cirtec Medical has the expertise and resources
to help you get ahead.  With more than three decades of experience in product research
and redevelopment and medical device manufacturing, we understand the technical,
practical and regulatory issues needed to turn your innovative ideas into breakthrough
technologies.  We offer the following services under our SIMPLIFI platform:

  • Prototype fabrication
  • Manufacturing and configuring to your specification
  • Help you navigate the regulatory landscape in applying for approval of your product
  • Product and technology research and development