Micromachining & Micro Manufacturing

The medical industry has been making device assemblies with micron dimensions for some time, but in the last few years the miniaturization of medical components and assemblies has expanded. To accommodate these requirements, Cirtec has developed miniaturized capabilities to support all micron requirements.

  • Micromachining – features under 10 microns – holes down to 40 microns
  • Micro Welding Spot Size to .0007″Ø
  • Micro Coil Winding – .0005″Ø Wire
  • Micro EDM Wire down to .002″ diameter
  • Micro Insert Molding
  • Micro Assembly

Most of the micromachined medical components and assemblies we produce are not only smaller versions of their predecessors, but can have more capabilities. With every project our goal is to simplify the device by combining multiple components to produce medical assemblies with fewer components at a smaller size with increased capabilities. We have advanced design and prototyping capabilities that, with the use of 3D rendering and/or CAD software, offers our customers better function and predictability earlier in the manufacturing process.

The human body has a limited capacity to accept relatively larger components, so medical devices for various applications including heart pacing, drug delivery and neurostimulation must be small. At the same time, technological advances are demanding greater capabilities in smaller packages. Medical device assemblies are going into areas that are not reachable without miniaturization, and less intrusion means faster healing time and greater patient comfort.

Cirtec manufactures products for neurological and other very restricted locations in the body that require miniaturization of the medical device for access and delivery. We not only fabricate the device, but also the delivery system to allow for optimal implantation. If it is mechanical or electro-mechanical, Cirtec can provide complete expertise, services and support from design assistance to prototype to volume production.