Medical Device Machining & Swiss Turning

Cirtec develops innovative medical machining processes and advanced tooling systems to manufacture medical device assemblies with the highest level of quality and efficiency. We have the capabilities to seamlessly bring medical devices and components from the concept stage to full production assembly in a Class 10,000 clean room environment.

Machining Centers

Cirtec specializes in complex and high volume multi-axis machining center components. We have high-speed, 4-axis machining centers along with 5-axis machining centers equipped to produce high volume requirements and complex configurations.

We manufacture medical device components from all types of medical materials. Automation is integrated into our CNC machining centers to allow us to follow our philosophy of completing a component in one operation, or, as few as possible.

Focusing specifically on the machining of medical device requirements has allowed Cirtec to invest in equipment best suited for these requirements and to automate and tool these machines in a manner that maximizes efficiency and quality of production. The result is faster production, higher volumes and cost-effective manufacturing of a wide range of medical device components.

Swiss Machining

Cirtec specializes in Swiss machining of complex, difficult to machine and micro-machined components for medical devices and assemblies. With multi-axis Swiss machines equipped with high-speed spindles, we are able to machine components that are invisible to the unaided eye. Our Swiss machining capacity is up to 2″ diameter material. Learn more about our Swiss Machining Capabilities

Micromachining and Micro Manufacturing

The medical device industry has been making device assemblies with micron dimensions for some time, but in the last few years the miniaturization of medical components and assemblies has expanded. To accommodate these requirements, Cirtec has developed miniaturized capabilities to support all micron requirements. Learn more about our MicroMachining Capabilities