Cardiac Rhythm Management Devices

Cardiac Rhythm Management Device Manufacturing

Setting the Pace for CRM

Cardiac rhythm management devices continue to evolve rapidly in form factor, reliability and lifespan. Even as implantable designs become increasingly compact and functional, they are introducing groundbreaking new elements like leadless pacing and integrated fixation concepts for minimally invasive deployment. Cardiac rhythm management devices such as pacemakers, implantable cardiac defibrillators (ICDs) and CRT devices are all getting smaller, smarter and longer-lasting.

The Cirtec Difference

Cirtec’s provides end-to-end expertise in advanced cardiac rhythm management designs. Our ability to integrate the design, engineering and manufacture of devices not only minimizes costs and production delays, it can make your product more competitive when it goes to market.

Cirtec’s experience includes:

  • Both IS-1 and DF-4 standards
  • Lead and interconnect design
  • Leadless pacing concepts that deliver more reliable, longer-lasting performance
  • Know-how in advanced fixation and anchoring technologies that support devices designed for minimally invasive deployment

Cirtec specializes in key manufacturing capabilities critical to the success of cardiac rhythm management devices, including:

We offer flexible options for atmosphere backfill tailored to meet the demands of devices ranging from pacemakers to defibrillators. In addition, Cirtec’s broad selection of stock hermetic enclosures, primary cell batteries, off-the-shelf feedthroughs, standard lead interconnect and other component platforms can help speed your development cycle.