Vertically integrated PCBA manufacturing for unrivaled speed and efficiency


Cirtec Medical’s Surface Mount Technology (SMT) manufacturing services, offer a powerful solution for medical device manufacturers seeking to streamline their operations and bring innovative products to market faster. Our vertically integrated approach combines precision SMT assembly with our extensive expertise in medical device design, development, and manufacturing, allowing us to provide a seamless, end-to-end solution that covers every stage of the product life cycle. By partnering with Cirtec, you gain access to cutting-edge technologies, advanced facilities, and a team of skilled professionals who understand the unique challenges of the medical device industry. Whether you need high-quality PCBAs for class III implantable devices or low-volume production runs for accessory products, our flexible and scalable SMT services can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. With Cirtec as your trusted partner, you can confidently navigate the complexities of medical device development and manufacturing, while benefiting from significant time and cost savings. 

The Cirtec Advantage

  • Vertical integration for a complete manufacturing solution
  • Expertise in class III PCBA manufacturing for implantable devices
  • Simplified supply chain management for customers
  • Reduced costs and shorter lead times

SMT Services Offered

  • Class III PCBA Manufacturing for Implantable Devices
  • High-Mix, Low-Volume Production 
  • PCBA Manufacturing For Accessory Devices

Key Capabilities

Cleanroom Manufacturing
State-of-the-art cleanroom facilities ensure minimal particulate contamination.

Advanced Equipment and Processes
High-precision SMT placement, advanced soldering techniques, and automated inspection systems.

Skilled Personnel
Experienced technicians and engineers trained in implantable device PCBA manufacturing.

Traceability and Documentation
Unique device identification, detailed records, and strict revision control.

Quality Management System
ISO 13485 certified and compliant with FDA regulations and cGMP standards.

Material Selection and Control
Medical-grade, biocompatible materials with rigorous inspection and handling procedures.

Testing and Validation
Comprehensive electrical, functional, and environmental testing to ensure reliability.

Post-Manufacturing Support
Ongoing technical support, failure analysis, and continuous improvement initiatives.

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