Magnetic Resonance (MR) Safety Testing

There are several MRI safety concerns for patients with metallic implants. Most companies wait until device completion for MR safety testing. Cirtec Medial can provide early stage medical device MR evaluation, which can save time and money.

We provide two levels of support to customers with Active and/or Passive Implantable or partially implanted medical devices. This includes physical and computer modeling testing.

Early Evaluation Testing

  • De-Risking medical device design in an early stage
  • Potential cost savings
  • Reducing test cost
  • Opportunity to provide design input
  • Concentrates primarily on RF Heating

MR Safety Labeling Testing for Submission

  • Complete MR Testing offered:
    • 1.5 T and/or 3 T
    • ISO 10974 clause 8-17
    • ISO F2182-11 (RF Heating)
  • Physical MR tests and advanced modeling