Ventricular Assist Device Manufacturing

Ventricular Assist Device Manufacturing

Maintaining the Flow of Progress

Ventricular assist devices (VADs) and circulatory support devices were initially conceived as bridge-to-transplant solutions providing mechanical circulatory support to patients awaiting a donor heart. However, with advances in component technologies, these devices are increasingly being considered as a destination therapy rather than a bridge therapy. As more device makers enter the market with novel offerings, it is becoming more and more critical for designers of these devices to minimize their time to market. Cirtec is uniquely qualified to help.

The Cirtec Difference

Cirtec is the industry’s only outsourcing partner able to provide comprehensive design, engineering, manufacturing and testing of VAD and circulatory support devices – allowing you to streamline time and costs from your product’s development. Our flexible support ranges from single component design to product programs that advance your design through final assembly, testing, sterilization and packaging of finished devices.

Certified under both IS-1 and DF-4 standards, our expert engineers specialize in lead design, including cutting-edge leadless pacing that eliminate fatigue issues and extend the reliability and lifespan of implanted devices.

Our knowledge of computational fluid dynamics helps streamline iterative costs in your design by identifying and eliminating features that could contribute to stagnation and eventual thrombus in the blood path.

Cirtec is also a pioneer in advanced fixation and anchoring technologies for VADs and circulatory support devices designed for minimally invasive deployment.

We back our deep expertise with broad manufacturing capabilities critical to the success of advanced devices. Among them:  hermetic sealing and testing, laser welding, electromechanical design, electrical assembly and polymer molding and backfilling.

Cirtec also offers a broad selection of stock hermetic enclosures, primary cell batteries, off-the-shelf feedthroughs, standard lead interconnect and other component platforms to help speed your development cycle.