Cactus Semiconductor and Metrigraphics are now Cirtec Medical

After being acquired by Cirtec, both the Cactus Semiconductor and Metrigraphics company names have changed to Cirtec Medical Corporation, effective April 1, 2019. Along with this change in company name, their corporate identities have changed. Email addresses have changed to the domain and their websites are branded as a Cirtec website. While their names have changed, there will be no disruption in service. Each company will remain at their current location.

In addition, this name change will impact purchase orders as well as invoices and payments. We will be implementing changes to our systems and forms starting April 1, 2019.

Purchase Orders

Starting April 1, 2019, all purchase orders will reflect the Cirtec Medical name.


Please update your billing system to send invoices to Cirtec Medical, starting April 1, 2019


You will notice the changes in our name in payments received after April 1, 2019. If your accounts receivable system has pre-populated company name information, please update your system with the Cirtec Medical name for April 1, 2019.

Tax Registration Numbers

Our tax registration numbers remain unchanged.


Existing contracts remain in effect as they are not impacted by the legal entity name changes. Our customers are important to us, and we are mindful that this transition must be as seamless as possible.

We appreciate your confidence in Cirtec Medical and look forward to continuing our business relationship. We are committed to offering the same quality services and processes you have come to rely on.