CSI080 4-Channel Neural Sensing IC  

A new standard for neural sensing, the CSI080 is a 4-channel Neural Sensing IC intended for neural recording and other biopotential applications. Each of 4 independent signal paths is a low noise sensor that amplifies, filters, and converts biopotential signals to digital data. The circuit utilizes a low noise, closed-loop chopper front end amplifier to eliminate 1/f noise, thus providing enhanced signal-to-noise ratio.

  • 4 Independent Differential Sense Channels
  • Patented Closed-Loop Chopper Amplifier
  • Low Input Referred Noise (350nVRMS)
  • Low-Power & Low-Noise Modes


  • Simultaneous Neural Recording
  • Closed-Loop Neuromodulation
  • Biopotential Recording Simultaneous

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