3D Printing


Cirtec Medical has added additional in-house 3D printing capabilities that can help you speed up development cycles, decrease development costs, and create better products.

Our Stereolithography (SLA) printers can produce high resolution, accurate parts that can be used in fixturing, low-volume production or rapid prototyping. 3-D printing offers greater flexibility, faster turn times and lower material costs when compared to conventional machining where the lead times are much longer and the costs significantly higher.

With SLA 3D Printing, we can provide:

  • High resolution parts with a smooth surface finish
  • Printed parts that can be easily cleaned, sanded, polished and painted
  • Accurately printed parts with repeatable dimensions
    • Our printers are able to hold tolerances +/- .002 in, with new material offerings that can go down to +/- .001 in.
  • Large material selection including rigid, durable, flexible, high-temp, clear, white, grey, black
  • Reduced product development cycles
  • Lower development costs