In the field of medical device development, there can be no mistakes. Lives depend on how well we do our job. At Cirtec Medical Systems we take that responsibility seriously. We offer a unique blend of out-of-the box thinking structured by design control discipline that produces innovative medical device solutions for the nation’s top medical device companies.

Cirtec is the single source solution for major medical device projects. We provide exceptional R&D expertise which helps customers accelerate their designs, and we have a world class, high volume manufacturing organization to compliment our highly experienced medical device development and manufacturing teams. Cirtec is a leading medical device manufacturing firm, bringing your minimally invasive device, active and passive implant, or medical electromechanical system to market is quickly and efficiently as possible.

Where others struggle and fail, we succeed. That’s why the nation’s top medical device companies have made Cirtec one of the countries most sought after medical device consulting firms.

Core Manufacturing


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Core Manufacturing


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