IPG Platform

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The IPG Platform is a turnkey, cost-efficient platform for providing Neurostimulation IPGs (Implantable Pulse Generator) and components to early stage companies and research institutions. The Platform can be carried through to full commercialization, reducing total product development time and cost, and speeding up time to market.

  • Ready to use multi-purpose components, subassemblies, and manufacturing processes
  • Existing components include enclosures, feedthroughs, lead connectors, sterile and shelf packaging
  • Pick and choose applicable technologies to expedite and de-risk each unique project
  • Wide range of performance parameters enables multiple therapy applications with minimal customization

In addition, Cirtec offers solutions for neurostimulation lead applications including:

  • Paddle leads
  • Percutaneous leads
  • Cuff leads

ASIC Specifications

Output type Constant current
Number of output channels 16
Charge balancing method Active biphasic
Output current per channel 0 to 25 mA
Pulse width 10 to 1280 micro-seconds
Pulse frequency 0 to 50,000 Hz
Modulation modes Off, cycle on/off, ramp up, ramp down, burst, scheduled
Independent programs Each channel to be independently programmable
Program sequence Each channel should be capable of supporting a multi-program sequence