Hermetic Welding and Testing

Hermetically sealing electronics against body fluids is critical to the safety and reliability of your implantable medical device. With variables such as the materials being used, quality of the sealing process, use environment, design of the hermetic seal and more, experience and quality is the key to a long-lasting seal. And as medical devices become more complex and are expected to perform better for longer, there is no substitute for knowledge and experience. Combining glove box technology, vacuum ovens, advanced materials science and decades of engineering expertise, Cirtec is today a leading fabricator of hermetically sealed implantable medical devices.

Leak Testing and Optimization

Due to varying materials, manufacturing requirements and time, no seal remains hermetic forever. Cirtec therefore prides itself on the unique expertise in testing hermetic leak rates. With our help, you can target and ensure an optimized leak rate for even the most compact device architectures